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What hardware requirements does YouTrack have?

Standalone version of YouTrack does not have specific hardware requirements. However, when choosing a hardware configuration to host YouTrack, keep in mind the following:

  • If you expect to have up to 10,000 issues in your installation, any up-to-date desktop PC can serve it.
  • Our own YouTrack instance currently (as of March 14, 2014) runs in Amazon EC2 environment, on a m2.4xlarge instance. It processes about 658 thousand issues in 105 projects. These issues contain about 690000 comments and 155000 attachments, of which about 107000 are images.

However, since YouTrack 6.0, requirements for allocated JVM memory have been increased:

  • The Permanent Generation Size must be set to at least 250Mb:
    • If you run YouTrack with Java 7, then use the -XX:MaxPermSize parameter.
    • If you run YouTrack with Java 8, then use the -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize parameter.
  • We recommend starting YouTrack with at least 1024M of heap memory available.
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