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How do I upgrade to a newer YouTrack build or version? Should I back up my database before upgrading?

First, you do not have to back up your database just to upgrade to a newer YouTrack build or version — after you have upgraded, YouTrack will find your database automatically.

 Hint: You can track availability of YouTrack new builds right from Administrators UI. Check the 'Update info' panel on the Administration > Settings page. If a new build is available, you will see a link to download the update.


To upgrade to a newer YouTrack build or version:

  1. Back up your database. (Highly recommended!)
  2. Stop YouTrack JAR, or YouTrack service (if you run YouTrack as Windows service).
  3. Replace your old youtrack.jar with a new build or version. Feel free to rename the new file to match the old one.
  4. Start YouTrack JAR or application server.
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