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Custom YouTrack Localization Repository

YouTrack provides you with means to localize user interface even if your desired language is not available "out-of-the-box".
Please read Translating YouTrack UI how-to page for explanations how you can do it.

We have created GitHub repository to collect your custom translations of YouTrack UI texts, and share them with the community: YouTrack Custom Localization Repository.
Please feel free to also contribute to the repository.

Using the common practice, we are waiting for your pull requests!

How to Use Custom Translations

To use custom localization for your YouTrack standalone instance:

  1. Download desired localization files.
  2. Add the new localeEntry to your supportedLocales.xml file in the following format:
      <name><Your language name></name>

    You can use supportedLocales.xml file provided along with translations in the repository.

  3. Stop your YouTrack server.
  4. Check that your custom translated files are put in the correct directory with the <locale_ID> name.
  5. Start YouTrack with the Java machine parameter jetbrains.mps.webr.i18n.custom-translations, which points to the folder with custom localized files.
    For example, if you run YouTrack as JAR file from the command line, the command should look something like this:
    java -Djetbrains.mps.webr.i18n.custom-translations=/home/admin/youtrack-i18n -jar youtrack.jar 8080

If you run YouTrack as service on Windows or Unix-like OS, you must specify the jetbrains.mps.webr.i18n.custom-translations parameter in your Java machine properties.


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    We tryed all java config lines below. None of then worked.

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