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How to Use Agile Board Effectively in YouTrack

Agile board serves as an alternative to a visualized list of issues. The same concepts apply to Agile board as to the issues list.

While comprehensive Agile Board documentation is available, here we've collected some tips and tricks to help you get more out of your Agile board in YouTrack.

Search queries

If you would like fewer cards on the board, use search queries to limit or filter what you see on the board. For example:

And and all queries that work for the issues list in YouTrack can also be used for Agile board.

Navigating with shortcuts

To bring up the list of handy shortcuts, press <Ctrl+/>:

Edit multiple cards on the board: Apply commands

Some changes need to be applied to multiple cards, for example, when you assign the same assignee to several tasks. To do this very quickly, selecting multiple cards on the board (use <Space> or <Ctrl+click>) and apply the same command to all of them. To enter the command, press <Ctrl+Alt+J> or just start typing the command. When you start typing, the command window appears automatically.

Personal board: Create your own board, or modify column visibility

Sometimes you want to track your own performance, or maybe see particular tasks on Agile board. If so, consider customizing the board using search queries. In YouTrack, choose Agile Boards | Create and enter the appropriate query in the Query line, as follows:

For example, if you need to see tasks assigned to you only, the query would be as simple as:
Assignee: me

Here's a more complex one, to see all Design tasks created in the past two weeks that you have updated at least once:
created: {Two weeks ago} updated by: me Department: Design

You also can limit the number of columns you see on the board, by using the Column visibility selector on the right-hand side of the board:

Use all these customizations to make the board meet your specific needs and requirements.


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