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How do I restore my root password?

To restore root password, run YouTrack with the -Djetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword=true JVM option. For example:

java -Djetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword=true -jar youtrack-6.0.jar 8080

When YouTrack starts, the root user password and permissions will be reset to default values. Log in with the default credentials (root/root) and then set the new root password.

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    dan helyar

    Tried this on youtrack-6.5.16433.msi, had no effect. Searching HDD for youtrack.jvmoptions and potentially related conf/ folders or youtrack.jvmoptions.dist, in order to apply the above JVM option, found multiple, none had the effect of resetting the root password:


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