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How do I renew my subscription?

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription is renewed every month automatically. Your credit card is charged a fixed amount, according to your current plan. The list of available plans.

Yearly Subscription

Yearly subscription purchased/renewed after May 10, 2015 will be renewed automatically, with the email notice sent prior.

If you already have purchased yearly subscription, you'll be prompted to renew it manually this year, following the steps below. The next time it will be renewed automatically.

1. Access the JetBrains eStore by either:

   a. clicking on the link from the email reminder.

   b. clicking the Change Your Plan button from our Buy page. Provide your domain and hit the Get verification email. Click on the link to change your plan from the email. 

   c. Hitting the Upgrade your plan button from your instance: Settings->More->Global.

2.a)  If you currently have monthly subscription, you can renew it to both, monthly or yearly. Hit the Renew button.

2.b) If you currently have yearly subscription, you can only renew it to yearly subscription. Click the Renew button.

Please note that you can renew your subscription at any time, even before your current subscription expires. Your new subscription term will start the next day after your current subscription expires.  

3. Verify your information of the Order Checkout page.

4. Add/change your billing contact and address.

5. Choose the payment method.If you've chosen to pay with your credit card, provide the card details.

6. Confirm Payment.

7. Make a payment via your PayPal account or available local payment system. If you've chosen to pay with the credit card, you'll be redirected to the Confirmation page right away.

8. Verify your renew details on the Order Confirmation page. You are done!

9. We'll email your Subscription Confirmation with the Order number and the invoice in a separate email.

10. Your plan will be upgraded within the next 24 hours automatically.

If you want to upgrade immediately, navigate to Settings->Global and click the 'try to refresh plan manually' link. 


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